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People trust you because you’re an expert in the insurance industry.

Enhance Insurance by Agoragate is meant to appeal to the average consumer by appealing to basic human instincts. Studies reveal that 80% of those buying insurance want a human being to give them advise. They want a real person to hold accountable if problems arise. Customers who want an agent involved tend to have better credit scores and higher net worth, resulting in a customer who is both easier to retain and produces a predictable loss ratio.

Agent As Hero

At Agoragate we believe in local independent agents. Our entire philosophy is based on the idea that the insurance process is enhanced when an agent is involved. We place you the agent prominently on each page based on what type of insurance information the searcher is looking for and his or her location.

A Network Designed To Get You Found

Through Agoragate, participating agents create a profile and purchase one or more niche websites (personal and/or commercial lines) that is tied to the agents’ geographic location. These websites are interconnected not only to each other, but to a series of Agoragate web pages that either feature useful insurance articles or are tied to city/state geographic areas. These Agoragate web pages not only provide useful information, but also feature one participating agent as the local “hero,” an agent who can meet the web surfers’ insurance needs. Using the IP address of web surfers’ computers, Agoragate is able to determine their location and thus dynamically insert the profile of the local agent who can best meet their insurance needs as determined by the words they type into the search engine (e.g. an auto agent if “auto” or “car” was one of the words they typed in Google).

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People are doing much of their shopping online. Insurance is one of the most competitively searched terms on the Internet. Call us today and let Agoragate help you with an affordable online sales tool that will help attract the inquiries you have been missing.

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