Cedar Rapids, IA Car Insurance Independent Agent

As the second largest city in Iowa, Cedar Rapids is home to 126,326 residents (2010) and is also just twenty miles north of Iowa City. Cedar Rapids is known for its role in the grain processing industry as one of the largest cities in the world that processes corn. Approximately 8,000 jobs have been created to support this industry with businesses like Aegon and Quaker Oats, helping residents have the option to live and work within their hometown and keep their commute time low. The average travel time to work is a low 16.6 minutes. However, even residents with quick commute and those who spend only a short amount of time traveling on the road need quality car insurance coverage.

The community of Cedar Rapids, or the “City of Five Seasons”, is also known for its 3,360 acres of green space, used mostly for recreation with 74 parks and facilities giving residents access to everything from Frisbee golf courses to dog runs and parks. However, residents may not always have the free time to enjoy these amenities. Auto insurance helps Cedar Rapids residents preserve what is left of their time by helping to ensure that a car accident or repair will not cause a disruption.

Cedar Rapids is also home to prestigious Coe College. Listed among Coe College’s alumni are Marv Levy and Bill Ftch.

A professional independent auto insurance agent can help those living in Cedar Rapids review their car insurance options.

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